Reading from 9 to 12

Sometimes it’s difficult to get any reading done at the office. The computer is on and people are around and I can be easily distracted. I rarely try to read more than emails and articles while sitting at my desk on the third floor.

A few weeks ago I was reading a brief article about a woman who I met maybe five years ago when she was Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, CNL Financial Group, Inc. here in Orlando. I was impressed with her then and have enjoyed greatly the few times we’ve connected since then for lunch or coffee.  Carolyn Gosselin said in the interview that she takes a reading day once a month to keep up on her reading. Books and periodicals mostly.

It made me wonder if something like that would help me. I hear often that “leaders are readers” and by that definition, I’m not a leader. The thing is, I’d like to read more than I do. I know that when I’m reading more, it’s a good thing — it keeps my brain nimble in a way that other things don’t.

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So, Friday morning I stayed home and spent the morning on the patio reading (except for a phone call that served as a good kind of distraction about midway through the morning).

I’m reading the book Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work by Deborah Tannen. I’m finding it both fascinating and helpful. More on the content another time I suspect.

2 thoughts on “Reading from 9 to 12

  1. aileen says:

    yes! yes! i agree with charlene 🙂 — and… i’ve heard that book recommended several times. will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

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