Kande’s Story

One of the most powerful ways we connect with each other across the gaps created by time and space, but culture and experience, is through story. When I read or hear someone’s story — someone who seems to be totally disconnected from my own reality — I am often amazed at the connection that arises. Some of that comes as I see how our lives do overlap in ways that were hidden before the story broke down that barrier. Some of it comes as my heart and mind are engaged deeply and the story itself becomes the common ground.

Story teaches us about who we are and where we’ve come from. Story can inspire us to go to new places — both literally and figuratively. Story can change us. This is true from an eternal perspective — true in that the Word who is God became flesh and moved into the neighborhood, full of grace and truth. This is also true from a temporary perspective — true in that story can bring us clarity on how to treat one another and how to address the challenges that threaten to disconnect us.

Kathie Watters (far left), works with a translation team. In January 2005, motivated by the death of her friend and housekeeper, Watters led a team in implementing an AIDS education program using easily translatable booklets called "Kande's Story." Now, Wycliffe's staff and the African translation teams translate the booklets into a community's own language - providing heart language AIDS education for the first time in most of these communities.

Kande Story is a booklet developed to help communities address HIV/AIDS and the issues that surround this illness in a biblical way. The illustrated story of a 12-year girl who lost both parents to the disease has been translated into 90 languages in 12 African countries. This is one program used by our organization to help minority language communities engage with scriptures in ways that are applicable to their daily lives and situations.

You can read more about the strategy that uses this story in many African nations and beyond on the Scripture Engagement website. Included there are downloadable PDF files of both student and facilitator’s books in English, Spanish or French as well as other contact information.

Wycliffe’s president, Bob Creson, blogged about Kande’s story on the Wycliffe blog in May 2009 after visiting a workshop where people are trained to use this tool. Another blog post followed in December 2009 that includes a link to the story as told by Adrienne S. Gaines in Charisma Magazine. Below you see a story done on Kande’s Story by CBN — a story which has been picked up in written and video forms by a few media outlets and bloggers.

Google “Kande’s Story” if you want to see for yourself, but first, watch the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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