There’s an app for that…

You can see it on the home screen of my iPhone…third row from the top, second column from the left. The WYCLIFFE iPhone app. And why would one want to download and use the FREE app onto their own iPhone?

1. Because it’s just plain cool that Wycliffe has an app.

2. The app gives you quick and easy links to Wycliffe’s videos on YouTube so you can see what stories we’re telling using that medium and so you can share those with friends.

3. The app gives you quick and easy ways to call or email a Wycliffe recruiter in your region of the United States in case you want to talk to someone about how you can invest yourself in service with Wycliffe. They can tell you about Wycliffe’s INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Orlando Summer Internships and Global Discovery Internships)or our GLOBAL SERVICE PROGRAM team. They can also answer any questions you might have about some of the informational/educational events that Wycliffe sponsors around the country. Speaking of…

4. The app gives you quick and easy access to a listing of events (the ones I mentioned above) like CHECK IT OUT (“IT” being “Information Technology”) and TOTAL IT UP (a week-long workshop that gives participants a taste of translation and linguistics) or DISCOVER WYCLIFFE (a one-day family-friendly event at Wycliffe’s headquarters in Orlando — something to do in O-town that isn’t about mice or ogres).

5. The app includes a quick check list of the kinds of things you’d want to consider before taking the leap of applying to join our organization that is really helpful. It helps you consider where you are in the journey of being ready to serve. This readiness assessment is also available on

6. The app has a form built into it that you can fill out and submit (after you’ve decided you are, in fact, ready to do so) that lets our recruiters know that you mean business. If you fill it out and submit it, you’ll hear from one of them within a few days.

7. Did I say it’s FREE?

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