Earth Day Celebration: A PSALM


Psalm 148

 (from Eugene Peterson’s The Message paraphrase)

Hallelujah! Praise God from heaven,
praise him from the mountaintops;

Praise him, all you his angels,
praise him, all you his warriors,

Praise him, sun and moon,
praise him, you morning stars;

Praise him, high heaven,
praise him, heavenly rain clouds;

Praise, oh let them praise the name of God—
he spoke the word, and there they were!

He set them in place
from all time to eternity;
He gave his orders,
and that’s it!

Praise God from earth,
you sea dragons, you fathomless ocean deeps;

Fire and hail, snow and ice,
hurricanes obeying his orders;

Mountains and all hills,
apple orchards and cedar forests;

Wild beasts and herds of cattle,
snakes, and birds in flight;

Earth’s kings and all races,
leaders and important people,

Robust men and women in their prime,
and yes, graybeards and little children.

Let them praise the name of God—
it’s the only Name worth praising.

His radiance exceeds anything in earth and sky;
he’s built a monument—his very own people!

Praise from all who love God!
Israel’s children, intimate friends of God.


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