In the Zone

I’ve lived most of my life in Zone 5. Now I live in Zone 9. That means there are plants I can grow in my yard that I used to think of has house plants. It also means that there are plants I cannot grow.

For instance, I have aloe vera growing in pots on my patio. It’s now in three or four pots in face. Happy to be ignored for days on end and the watered when the sandy soil is dry dry. Likes the sun and the heat. Also convenient to have around when I burn myself. Thankfully I have more plants around than I need for medicinal purposes.

I do not have any lilac growing in my yard. I’ve heard of one variety that will grow and bloom in this Zone, but haven’t yet found it to purchase nor have I see them. For me, I’d want to know that the fragrance is what I “remember” before I’d invest much in what might turn out to feel like an imposter.

I tried a few new plants this year. So far, so good. It’s always fun to have new blooms in the garden.

2 thoughts on “In the Zone

    • ruthhubbard says:

      That is so funny because I was just telling Erica today that she might consider aloe vera juice to see if it counteracts the negative response she’s experiencing at the smell of coffee…and then she started wondering if maybe she should use it instead of lotion on her skin. Crazy.

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