Insert Name Here

This is one of the places I go to RE.

to REad

I love sitting on my patio with a good book (and a cold Diet Coke or iced tea). I even like it when I am reading the book. Somehow reading is more impactful when the air is fresh and the sun is warm.

to RElax

I also love sitting on my patio doing mostly nothing. Gecko watching. Quasi napping. Or puttering around caring for my plants. This stuff relaxes me. Even sweeping on the patio is delightfully relaxing. Again, the fresh air seems to transform a mundane household chore into something better.

to REmember

For all sorts of reasons, this is a space where I remember things that I tend to forget when my life gets too crowded or too enclosed. Here I remember that God is God. I also remember that I am not and can quit trying to save the world or be good enough or smart enough to qualify for the job. It’s not going to happen and NO ONE will be disappointed by that fact.

Here I remember who I am — created in God’s image and called to work created by God for me to do. I remember my name.

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