I ((heart)) Baseball

There is something about baseball that makes me happy. The crack of the bat, the sound of a fast pitch landing in the leather glove of the pitcher, the newly mown grass. Ahhhh!

Maybe it’s about baseball being a spring and summer sport.

Maybe it’s because I was introduced to baseball when we moved to Chicago and Don Kissinger was playing for the Cubs.

Maybe it’s because it’s a sport that comes with conversation and fresh air and a few cheesy songs.

One of my best blind dates included an Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field.

Maybe I don’t care why I love baseball and I don’t even care that my love does not make me a fanatical fan (which some would see as hypocritical).

For now, I’m satisfied just knowing that I like baseball.

3 thoughts on “I ((heart)) Baseball

  1. thosewinklers says:

    I never knew, Ruth…we could have gone to some spring training action when we were still there…(I’m a baseball junkie…)

    • ruthhubbard says:

      Yes, that’s almost tragic in a totally “stuff that doesn’t matter like poverty and injustice matter, but still matters” sort of way. Junkie, huh? Have you met Alan Davidson? He might be able to help you with that…

      • thosewinklers says:

        Yup, we know Alan. We also have a friend who just got satellite TV with ESPN…looks like I’ll be inviting myself over…

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