UNITY from diversity

Studying the death, burial and resurrection of Christ recently, something struck me that hadn’t before. I love that about God’s Word — the continual newness and rock-solid consistency of God and His story in all it’s forms!

After God resurrected Jesus from the grave by the power of the Holy Spirit (I love that the whole Trinity was involved in this work), Jesus appeared to many, many people over the course of 40 days. Many, as in hundreds.

He appeared to the dramatically transformed Mary Magdalen whose grief at his death was deep and whose love for the Lord had been expressed with exuberance.

He appeared to the impulsive, task-oriented Peter whose boldness put him in a place for great affirmation and great correction in his early years as a disciple.

He appeared to the contemplative and deeply relational John whose expressions of spiritual truth revealed in image and symbol shed light in ways that others don’t.

He appeared to wandering disciples in despair on the road to anywhere. He appeared to hiding disciples wondering what to do next.

He appeared to the one we have named “Doubting” — Thomas, whose need to see things to believe was accompanied by a deep commitment to know the truth.

And at the end of the day (or week, or whatever…that’s not the point) they all came to the same conclusion. Thomas may have said it most concisely (or at least my English translation of what he said in not English is pretty clear.) “My Lord and my King!”

I sit here at my computer this morning, knowing that through Scripture and the Church, Jesus has appeared to me in all my quirky artsy gardener tendencies and laid back drivenness. He’s appeared to me in ways that make sense and in ways that force me to admit that I really can’t get my head around the whole idea of Him.

And ultimately, because of his grace, my response echoes with that of those who have gone before: my Lord and my King!

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