Bagel & a Schmear

It had been quite a while since I’d been into an Einstein’s Bros. when I walked through the door Friday morning, coupon for a FREE bagel and schmear in hand. The one I went to (corner of Orange and Kaley on the south side of downtown Orlando) was not nearly as neighborhood-ish as the one in Broad Ripple (Indy area) where I used to meet Charlene for early chats back in the day. Still, the memories of that season of life when I considered that place “my” Einstein’s flooded back with the sights and smells in a different place a decade later.

For those who care about such things, I ordered pumpernickel (a favorite) with a honey almond schmear and had the Neighborhood Blend coffee. Delicious.

So they have a “new” item on the menu — bagel bites. They are a bit like donut holes in size and shape. The regular ones are made from potato bagels and rolled in cinnamon sugar. The featured special ones they had the day I was there — the ones I bought a small box of for my friends in the office — were mango orange. They used the mango orange bagels and then dipped them in a glaze with the same flavorings. So…sweet like a donut but not cake, bagel. We all thought they were quite good. A few of us wish they’d make a savory version too — Asiago cheese or “everything” would be great.

Do you have a favorite bagel and schmear? Or a favorite place to get one?

3 thoughts on “Bagel & a Schmear

  1. Charlene says:

    ooooo, Einsteins. Autumn Roast is still my favorite of their coffees and I like the mango orange bagels with honey almond smear — I think. 🙂 I really like them all! 🙂

  2. Anita Lebold says:

    Hey…if you could get one of those in Canada, I’d be grateful. Maybe this just means that I need to make a trip to Florida to try them all and report back with my favourite!

    Back in college I lived on bagel sandwiches – an everything bagel with mayo, cheese, meat, lettuce, pickle, whatever I could find. All 4 food groups in one delish monster bagel! Or does that go against bagel culture?

    • ruthhubbard says:

      When I was in college I practically lived (exaggeration, I suppose — more like 3-4 times per week for a year) on bagel sandwiches made with a toasted bagel, tuna salad and a slice of american cheese — served open face after melting said cheese on the sandwich in the toaster over. Oh, it was good.

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