In the Burgh of Pitt

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh visiting a friend. If you look at the album of photos I posted on Facebook, you’ll see that we ate well.

We also walked quite a lot and saw all sorts of things worth seeing.

All of those things contributed to a good weekend.

But, in a whole other category of good, there were a couple of things about the weekend that launched it into the extraordinary category.

First, the delight of seeing first hand how my friend is thriving was worth the trip hands down. (I’ve known this woman since I was in my early 30’s and she was in the fourth grade, so I have a perspective that is both tainted and enhanced by my age.)

Secondly, there were moments when we were laughing so hard that, well…tears. Gasping for breath. Strange noises. And more laughter. That kind of restorative laughter only comes with friends.

Do you think Jesus ever laughed like that? If he did…and I really hope so…I bet Peter and James and John were with him. Maybe fish were involved.

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