“Happy Birthday” over the back fence of Facebook

A couple of years ago I did birthday posts featuring some of my friends. I never expected to keep up that practice for the long haul, but it was a fun way to celebrate a few of the people whose lives have deeply impacted my own.

Today when I hopped on Facebook I was greeted with the reminder that it’s Kelly’s birthday and Deb’s birthday today. I clicked my way over to their respective walls, posted this image of balloons, and wished them a “Happy Birthday.”

All of that got me to thinking again about this new world of social media and digital files. Sometimes it feels fake and in those times I can get pretty self-righteous in my condemnation of it. I might even suggest that we all boycott all of these things that clutter up our time and thinking and get back to real life.

Usually when I get like that it’s because I’ve let myself get disconnected and I’m feeling the residue of my own detachment. It is not the technology that has caused this condition, it’s me. It is the choices I make to pull into myself rather than reach out.

Most days, I’m really grateful to have these ways to stay connected to people who live in different timezones. I’m thrilled that my GPS coordinates don’t have to synchronize with yours in order for us to maintain a comfortable ongoing conversation like neighbors over the fence in the summertime.

2 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday” over the back fence of Facebook

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m always grateful for a way, any way, to stay connected with friends cross timezones… especially the many hours between us! Thanks for reminding us of the importance of staying real and connected with where God has planted us too.

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