Tourists Shop in Tourist Shops

In the markets around Guatemala one can purchase many lovely handicrafts — some which are common in Central America and others which are particularly known as Guatemalan. Beads. Paintings. Wood carved things like masks and plates. Things made of fabrics.

I fell in love with the fabrics.

I purchased a couple small things in a market in Antigua and two scarves from a woman on the square (she was wandering with a bundle tied about her rather than working form a booth — one of many women who sold in this fashion).

The largest bit of fabric I purchased is hand-woven and I finally figured out a way to hang it on my wall where it is fabulous — full of color! I was told that many from the States do not purchase the pieces which are made of the most typical colors used/preferred in Guatemala because those colors don’t go in our homes.

I purchased it from this woman who had an outdoor store set up on the grounds of the Seminario Teologico Nazareno de Guatemala where we had our meetings. One day she had her loom set up so she could demonstrate how she does the weaving. Her English was certainly good enough for transactions and a bit of conversation, but I discovered the most when I went to the shop with bilingual friends who would translate for us.

Look at her blouse/top. I assure you that these photos don’t do it justice.  Absolutely gorgeous.

When you see the bags hanging in one of the photos and if you know me, you’ll be surprised to hear that I did not bring back a large, lovely Guatemalan bag. Instead, I purchased a bag from one of the men at the conference who brought it from his home in Peru.

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