I suppose there are practical reasons that we see in color instead of simply grey scale. Color helps us recognize when fruit is ripe — sometimes. Color helps us identify the difference between Christmas M&M’s and Easter M&M’s.

I’m sure there are some critical roles for color, but mostly color is just plain beautiful.

What colors do you love? I mean, specifically…

For instance, I love the orange of goldfish and the white of snow at dusk. I’m a huge fan of the blue of a Robin’s egg and the colors of bamboo.

What about you?

3 thoughts on “Color

  1. Charlene says:

    The orange of poppies, the blue of the Caribbean water, and the green of the early spring. Those are a few of MY favs. 🙂

  2. swestland says:

    When people say, for example, they like the orange of poppies, is it the specific colour of poppies that they like (and the reason they say the orange of poppies is because that’s the best way to communicate the colour) or is it that they really like poppies? I don’t know. Is it possible to like colour in an abstract sense or do we like certain colours because we associate those colours with things we like?

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