I had blueberries on my Ego waffles this morning.

I had blueberries on my Life cereal yesterday morning.

I love blueberry season.

I also enjoy blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins and almost any other kind of baked good I’ve ever had that included blueberries.

I used to make a pie that included blueberries and lemon and had the name of “SKY” somehow. Hmmm. I wonder where that recipe is hiding. Wait…I Googled it and found it in less time than it took to type Blueberry Sky Pie. Too bad it is made with pie filling — but I bet I can modify this and make it with fresh berries. I may make a few other adjustments while I’m at it.

I also get quite a kick out of Madame Blueberry when I’m not feeling uncomfortable about how I resemble her in ways I wish I didn’t. (And I’m not talking about the pink fur collar or flowered hat she wears.)

The Blueberry Council raves about the health benefits of blueberries with their vitamin C and antioxidants and fiber. How can you not love something that is so lovely, delicious and helpful?!

One thought on “Blueberries

  1. thosewinklers says:

    Ahh…we miss fresh blueberries. But we are certainly grateful for our supply of Trader Joe’s dried blueberries which we use in pancakes, muffins, etc. It’s a decent substitute considering the circumstances…

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