My brain does some pretty odd verbal gymnastics on occasion. I can’t generally control where my thinking links, but I can usually control what I do once I’ve landed. Sometimes I let it out, unfiltered. Other times I keep it to myself. This is a sign of being a grown-up…not that one doesn’t think of things to say or do that might not be a good idea, but that, upon thinking of said things, one refrains.

Last year when my friends (Mark and Charlene) were planning on moving to Siberia to study Russian (something they have since done and are currently doing) to a city named Ulan Ude, I discovered that Ulan Ude (henceforth referred to as UU in this blog — ‘cuz it’s easy) is the home of the largest head of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin ever built.

Somehow I jumped from Lenin head to Lemonhead in a nano second. And for some reason it stuck. This is one of those verbal leaps that is not likely offensive or inappropriate.

(I also thought of John Lennon and bobble head dolls.)

In a few weeks I hope to have my photo taken next to this statue in UU — I’m planning on traveling to the other side of the globe to experience Siberia for myself. At least part of Siberia — and admittedly at a time of the the year when things like the weather and the hours of daylight are quite welcoming.

But I can’t just leave well enough alone. At first I thought it would just be fun to stand there. Eating Lemonhead candies. Wearing John Lennon glasses. Bouncing my head like a bobble head doll (at which point the photo became a video).

Now I have dreams of participating in the  1st ever ULAN UDE 5K walk-run-stroll. Mark and Vanessa will probably run it, but I’m not sure. Maybe they’ll run it twice. I’m hoping Charlene will walk it with me. She may have to walk and extra K while I saunter a bit of the way. I’ll blame it on jet lag.

I’m fairly sure that those who read this blog will not be able to literally join us in UU for this event — there are issues of Visas and Flights which might stand in the way — but you might want to join us virtually. Set up your own 5K and walk, run or stroll it. If Lemonheads are somehow involved, I think that would make it official.

I’ve designed T-shirts because that’s what I do when I’m puttering around with ideas in my head.  I’m half-way thinking about having shirts printed, though the short run of 4 may make them cost-prohibitive.

Sharpie markers might be another option. My friend Ali reminded me on her Facebook post this morning that Sharpies can come in quite handy.

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