UU5K T-shirts

If you haven’t read the previous blog post, this will only make sideways sense.

Here’s the deal (as I have already explained on Facebook): If I place an order for these long-sleeve 100% Cotton t-shirts by the weekend, I could have these back in time to take them with me to Ulan Ude at the end of the month. I’d take 4 — one for each of the on-site race participants.

If you are interested in paying “too much” so you could have one of your own and, in doing do, suppliment the cost of taking them for all race participants, let me know via email or Facebook.

I’ll figure out how to deal with shipping and such after I find out if there are enough interested people to make this a “go” or not. I’m expecting those who are interested all live close enough together that I could ship to one place maybe?

2 thoughts on “UU5K T-shirts

  1. Gina Horton says:

    Hi ruth,
    Are the UU tshirts still available?

    Probably surprised that of all the things you write about this would be the one I respond to…and respond late.

    Actually I am enjoying and am overwhelmed by all of the things you are writing about. Can’t get enough.
    Oh, and by the way, what a wonderful surprise to see you on the BSF Board. Yes!

    See you around Northland.

  2. Ruth Hubbard says:

    Gina – I didn’t order these. Not enough interest to get the per-shirt cost down to anything I was able to justify for a t-shirt. Thanks for reading…and responding. I like it when this becomes more of a conversation.

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