Day One – The Calm Before…

Wycliffe USA’s triennial Delegate Conference begins at 1 pm today. Besides being a delegate (for the first time), I’m also serving as emcee. I filled that roll in 2007 and really enjoyed it.

One advantage of this role (for me, at least) is that I stay more engaged throughout every aspect of the meetings. It serves as a point of accountability. For one who can easily sit very still in one place while my mind travels to far away places, this is a good thing.

Today’s agenda is pretty straight forward.

  • There will be more announcements than most other days (it’s a three day event stretched over four days — that is, mid-day on Wednesday through mid-day on Saturday).
  • The first order of business will be the roll call.
  • Trevor & Co will lead worship and Isaac Hunter will bring a devotional teaching.
  • We’ll have a coffee break before returning to hear the report from our president, Bob Creson.
  • We’ll be introduced to the Board candidates who are supported staff with Wycliffe and be reminded about the process of election, etc.
  • The day will end with supper and a reception.

One of my challenges this week may stem from the reality that I straddle the line between introversion and extroversion. This means that finding the space and means to recharge depleted internal batteries can be unpredictable — I can be both energized and depleted by interaction and solitude. With this being a short event, I’d usually just go flat out with enjoying the interaction and plan on being exhausted at the end — a plan that works for me and has served me well over the long haul.

However, in order to serve well in my roll as emcee, I need to be clear headed up to the end. This means I have to pace myself. Grab moments of solitude in the midst of the wonderful chaos of having 130 people basically together for 10+ hours a day.

More than any of that, however, is my desire to find the balance between hosting well — providing both context and direction that is helpful to participants so they can best engage — and not letting myself get in the way of God’s purpose and plan. Really, I like microphones and spotlights and responsive crowds. One of my constant challenges in these rolls is to enjoy those things as gifts from God while pointing attention toward Him and taking direction from His Spirit.

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