Day Three – Saying YES!

Today’s Delegate Conference agenda (the one adjusted in response to action of the conference yesterday) will include

  • interviews with the Executive Directors of SIL International (a primary strategic partner) and of Wycliffe Bible Translators, International (the int’t alliance of organizations to which Wycliffe USA belongs)
  • an update on the impact/import of the development of comprehensive projects within the Bible translation movements
  • introductions of each person of the Constituent Board slate, time to engage with those individuals in small group settings and then the election of that slate
  • bringing a motion to the the floor about conference (which is currently the primary way that the leadership of Wycliffe USA (defined as the Board of directors) interacts with the membership of Wycliffe USA (defined as the 3500 +/- staff who raise their own financial support as part of their job description)
  • worship (Trevor & Co. again, of course) and teaching by Dr. Tony Evans
  • an update on Wycliffe’s Last Languages Campaign — with focus on LLC Briefings (vision events being held in various cities around the country), our intentional Public Relations efforts (how we are seeking to make the stories of Bible translation and all it impacts available through both Christian and public media), and the Member Support Initiative (focused efforts on helping Wycliffe’s supported staff more effectively build the teams of people and churches who prayerfully, financially, and relationally support their ministries through Wycliffe).
  • an ice cream social with Minute to Win It style games (because we can)

Great day yesterday. God is faithful. I’m thankful. Keep praying, my friends!!

Sorry if there was more “insider” talk in this than even my usual. I try to not string so many program and initiative names together in one blog very often. Whew. Hope your heads aren’t spinning.

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