Called to YES!

Since I’ve been writing about DelCon10 and you’ve seen some of the graphics from this conference in the background of the photos, I thought I’d share a bit about that theme. Most of this blog post was written and shared with delegates and guests of the conference before they arrived so they’d understand the theme.

A few years ago I heard Jeannette Clift George speak at a conference in Chicago. One statement she made impacted me deeply. She said that Gods ask two things of us: instant obedience and constant availability. I wrote it down. I copied it over and again to 3×5 cards and the inside flaps of Bibles. I repeated it in conversations and journals. I began to pray that God would make me into a person who could live up to this expectation.

More than a year ago a group of us were brainstorming ideas for a staff retreat theme. Impacted by the long-term influence of this statement (I can’t remember now whether I voiced it or not, but I know it was in my thinking), I suggested:  “Called to YES!” We used it and it worked well for that occasion.

When a group of us sat down to talk about a theme for DelCon10, we knew we wanted something that genuinely reflects Wycliffe’s heart – something broader and deeper than a reiteration of our mission/vision but also something very much in line with those declarations of identity and purpose.

As we talked together and searched Scripture, we found this passage from Isaiah 26:

“Yes, Lord, walking in the ways of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.”  NIV

This verse serves as a kind of charter statement for God’s people to live God-centered lives of instant obedience and constant availability – affirming that we are, indeed, people called to YES!  “Yes” to God’s overarching plan for history: to make His Son famous among the nations.

Last week at the conference, Juanita came up to me and handed me a yellow 3×5 card with the conference theme verse hand printed on it as well as this one:

“Jesus Christ, the Son of God, never wavers between yes and no… He is the divine yes – God’s affirmation. For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in him.” (2 Cor. 2:19,20 NLT)

When we say YES! to God’s calling in our lives, we reflect the very nature of the Son, Jesus Christ. Our YES! to join God in what He is doing is one way that we participate in His purposes. Amazing.

4 thoughts on “Called to YES!

  1. antlike says:

    Thanks for the background, Ruth. The theme of DelCon10 makes lots more sense now. 🙂 Instant obedience and constant availabilty…I’ll have to write those everywhere, too. Pithy and memorable. Thanks.

    I had a hard time finding that last verse in your post and wondered what it meant to be the “diving yes,” but think it may be a simple typo? It appears to be from 2 Corinthians 1:19,20, not 2:19,20, right? But there’s no diving there in the NLT version. Help! I’m sure it is something very deep and meaningful, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    • antlike says:

      In the email the post says diving, but on WordPress it says “divine” and the verse is correct here on WordPress, but not in the email. Stranger and stranger….I got it now, though…no need to explain. 🙂

      • Ruth Hubbard says:

        When I post a blog, the RSS feeds pick it up immediatly. Then I occasionally (or often) see errors that didn’t get tagged by Spell Check or my own editing eyes and I go fix those. I often keep editing a posting for a day or two. I’m not sure what the number issue was though. I didn’t change that. Anyhow…

  2. antlike says:

    Cool that you can edit your post…never occured to me, the newbie. Yeah, that is 2 Corinthians 1:19,20. Regardless, your posts always, always challenge my thinking and inspire me, Ruth!

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