Another time – after I’ve had opportunity to review the MP3 and let it sink in a bit more deeply – I will write about what Dr. Rev. Salter McNeil said on Day 2 of Wycliffe USA’s Delegate Conference. Powerful words. Good words.

Today, though, I want to reflect on something else.

When I grow up, I want to be like my friend Brenda.

In order to unpack that declaration, I need to tell you a few things that I don’t mean by that statement. You see, no matter how much my ego would like to jump over my own gifting and calling to ride down the street on her gifting and calling —  no matter how much I might fantasize about  being an author and speaker like she is (wanting the fruit of her gifting without the call or the burden of it)– that’s NOT what I’m talking about.

In the time that Brenda has been on the Board of Directors for Wycliffe USA, I’ve had opportunity to watch her interact with all sorts of folk in all sorts of circumstances – including myself – and you know what strikes me most dramatically? She is a woman marked by great generosity.

She is generous with her attention and gifts.

She is generous with her words of affirmation and declarations of truth.

She is generous with her joy and hope and love.

When Brenda has been in a place with people and then leaves it, those people are left with a sense that they are more than they were before she was there.

Yeah, I want to be like that.

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