Most likely to…

I went to a community school in a small town that was turning into a huge suburb. Some of my classmates took as few classes as they had to take to graduate and then worked full-time jobs our junior and senior years. The number of us who were deeply involved in the community that was ZCHS Class of 1980 might have been just a bit more than half of the class — 2/3 at most. One of the benefits of being in a graduating class of 167 is that you’re more likely than not to get voted as one most likely to do something some day.

I placed in the second or third position for a couple of these superlative categories, but I’d have to dig out the Harbinger (school paper) from May 1980 to trigger my memory of which ones. I only clearly remember one category and only partially because it is the one where I truly was named “MOST” likely. Actually, this is old news — I’ve already publically announced this (March 2009) in the “25 Random Things About Me” post which started as a Facebook fad.

My classmates at Zionsville Community High School voted me the person in our class most likely to replace Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live. More than 30 years have come and gone since that honor and it still makes me smile.

Someone made a comment to me last week that reminded me of this historical declaration. At lunch today I gave myself some time to poke around You Tube and see what Gilda Radner classics might be found there. Some of the sketches from “back in the day” were rather long — and rather funny. Like the one that is Roseanna Roseannadanna giving the commencement speech at the Columbia University School of Journalism.

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