June 20 is the 58th Anniversary of my parent’s wedding.

I learned a lot from my parents and their marriage.

One of the most important things they taught me by example time and again is the value of commitment that does not wax and wane with circumstance. And trust me, living together and serving the local church (and then adding me to the mix) for more than 48 years brought about plenty of opportunities for circumstances to sand the shiny off the ideal of being married. But they weren’t committed to the shiny, they were committed to each other and God. They really meant it when they said “rich, poor, better, worse, sickness, health.”

I remember my mom jokingly saying something like, “Divorce? NEVER! Homicide maybe, but never divorce.” I knew she was kidding about the homicide part, but I also understood that she was serious about the “never” part.

I remember watching my dad care for mom in the last years of her life when her body was behaving badly. His faithfulness demonstrated in his learning to do all that was necessary to care really well put an exclamation point on their mutual commitment.

One thought on “1952

  1. becky says:

    I have to say, when I was looking to get married, I thought about that commitment Uncle Jim showed Aunt Lucy in those last years. I wanted to have a man that would love me that much. I think I found him, Frank has been a real trouper through all of my illness. He has said several times it is nice to get the woman he married back though.

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