You’re going WHERE?

I spent 30 minutes at my standard “walk-ins welcome” hair place on Friday getting my hairs cut. One bit of small-talk conversation lead to another and I told the woman washing my hair that I’m spending my vacation in Siberia. She looked, well, a little shocked.

I readily admit that I’m getting quite a charge out of the myriad responses from people to that declaration. And no, I’m not walking around announcing this to people out of the blue exactly. This is June and one of the standard non-threatening small-talk conversation starters goes something like “going anywhere this summer?” Mostly, they don’t get it and then they want to see pictures when I get back.

Earlier this month I wrote about one specific aspect of this trip — a plan for a 5K of sorts that involves LemonHead candies and Vladimir Lenin. I suspect you’ll see more about the trip on here and, if we are “friends,” on Facebook. I leave Friday.

(For those of you who are wigging out that I’ve just announced that I am traveling starting Saturday and now all the thieves who follow my blog know my stuff is left unattended, I’ll remind you and said thieves that I don’t live alone and the house will not be unattended. Now back to my regular blogging.)

Vanessa leaves Pittsburgh and I leave Orlando in the early afternoon. We’ll meet in Atlanta and fly overnight to Moscow, arriving (Moscow time) around noon. We’ve hired a young woman to pick us up at the airport and show us around town a bit (find us a place for a meal while we’re at it), and then get us to one of the other airports on the complete other side of the city for our overnight/red eye to Ulan Ude. We arrive there, in southern Siberia, around 8:30 Sunday morning (Ulan Ude time — which will be 7:30 Saturday night back here in Orlando/Pittsburgh).

One of our primary goals for Sunday will be to stay awake and upright until it really is time to go to bed. Mark and Charlene will help us. I’m sure we’ll be asleep before the sun sets, but hopefully we can push through ’til 9:00.


For those of you who like stuff like this, I found a no-frills site that shows a bunch of numbers related to Ulan Ude’s sunrise and sunset times, etc. Today (longest day of the year) they have 18 hours and almost 20 minutes of light.

And Wunderground has weather stats for those who like to watch temps and rain.

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