Wimbledon Surprises

Isner and Mahut. Who knew?

I read one blog post that shared their calculations that in the time it’s taken (so far) for these two men to play their 2nd round match at Wimbledon, a person living in Boston or New York could have gotten on a flight to London, taken the train to Wimbledon, stopped for lunch and made it to watch the end of the final set which has not yet been completed.

I’m thinking that these men are extraordinary athletes. The likelihood that either will advance beyond the next round is slim, I’d say. How could anyone have the strength? Of course, I’m wondering how anyone could have the strength to do what they have already done.

Then again, think of the people you’ve read about or maybe even known who have done impossible things. Most of them will never see center court attention. Most of them will never be blogged about or tweeted or featured on someone’s status update on Facebook.

Today I’m thankful for Isner and Mahut because they have reminded me of some of the people I know who endure extraordinary challenges without celebration. They have reminded me of women and men at the front lines of myriad battles between good and evil — breaking down barriers of darkness, opening doors to healing and grace, looking death in the face and finding the courage to laugh.

2 thoughts on “Wimbledon Surprises

  1. Dorothea Lander says:

    To the front line, uncelebrated ranks of Isner and Mahut, I’d like to add Letunin and Ngoto. Many years ago they endured insult and derision, became cut off, shunned, scorned as the laughingstock of family and friends. In their language group, only they two loved Jesus and His Word. The couple refused to enter into the tradition of polygamy though Ngoto was barren. They prayed, insisting repeatedly that the Creator God had power to send a child in His time. Many years passed. People watched and listened, but laughed at them and at their God. Not until mid-life did this couple rejoice to name their first child, “Laughter.” Laughter opened the door for grace, forgiveness and new life to enter that language group. Light and laughter endure.

  2. Bev Harrar says:

    Really have enjoyed reading through your blog this morning. Feel like i’ve been with you on your trip. In reality I am home with the kids while Michael is in Newfoundland helping dear friends put an extension on their home. Just what the doctor ordered for him. He needed a break from the last 18 months and to be with people he loves and who love him and to have practical, hands-on work to do.

    I especially appreciated your posting about the tennis match. We are privileged to know incredible people who do these kinds of things. The Holy Spirit in others makes them incredible folks.

    Thanks for taking the time to do the writing you do. It is really appreciated. May your adjustments to Orlando be happy ones.

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