She had to pray for flexibility…

I’m grateful for all who are praying for Vanessa and my journey to Ulam Ude via Atlanta and Moscow. Yesterday morning when the Offices of the President staff gathered to pray as we do in the mornings, Erica prayed for me and my vacation. I shook it off when I got a funny feeling as she prayed specifically that God would give me grace and flexibility in the journey.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, and up to date with postings, you’re already laughing. Rightly so.

My flight from Orlando to Atlanta (where I was to meet Vanessa) was delayed x3. Late plane from Atlanta + some missteps by the crew/gate staff at the gate + a reroute around storms meant that the Moscow flight was pulling away from the gate with Vanessa onboard about the time I was parking at the gate.

So…I’m at an airport Marriott overnight. Just after noon tomorrow I’ll fly to New York where I’ll catch a flight to Moscow tomorrow night. (Isn’t it just like our Father to get me business class for the trans-Atlantic flight?)

Feel the worst about not being with Vanessa tomorrow in Moscow. She’s smart and responsible and in good hands — but it still has to feel weird for her. Praying that she will rest in the joy and strength of the Lord in this. Confident in His perfect care for her.

Trying to not be frustrated by the economic impact of this delay. Confident in His perfect provision, too.

Praying? Safety and peace for Vanessa. Ticket change for my Moscow to Ulam Ude flight. My transit in Moscow between airports. And flexibility.

4 thoughts on “She had to pray for flexibility…

  1. antlike says:

    The Marriott and business class on a transatlantic flight, PLUS watching Gibbs while you lie on the bed in soft, sock thingys…ah, the perks of delays and flexibilty. I’d say this looks pretty comfortable, at least for the moment. Expectations are everything…at least if we let them be. Enjoy each moment to the max…each one is planned by your master orchestrator…contented sigh. BTW, I AM praying for you, too. 🙂

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Ever learning about relinquishing control and trusting when I can’t see the next step and choosing to rejoice in the Lord. Considering all the possibilities, a missed flight and all that goes with it is just this side of nothing. Perspective. Thanks for your prayers and enCOURAGEment, Dorothea.

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