Delta’s non-apology

I get airlines not being able to control things like weather. I’m usually the person who is trying to help fellow passengers understand that reality.

Yesterday’s delay that resulted in my missing my flight to Moscow was deemed a no-fault event which means that Delta did not cause the delay by anything they did. I agree that about 40 minutes of the hour was out of their control, but I was sitting in a seat where I watched flight attendants and the gate crew argue about whether it was time to close the door and a premature closing ultimately resulted in a delay when it was confirmed that there was one more passenger onboard than seats for passengers. Poops. We lost another 15-20 minutes with that misstep.

I might have made my Moscow flight had we not list those minutes. We’ll never know. And playing the what if and should of games only makes me head churn and my head hurt.

It’s not Delta’s problem that Vanessa was on the flight. That the guide and taxi hired to meet us both together will meet us both separately and be paid twice. That a 24 hour delay put me in a hotel and eating supper and breakfast at a restaurant. That rebooking a domestic flight in Russia is costly. That I’m writing in fragmented sentences….

So (and I’m writing this more to help me grasp this truth and get over feeling cranky than anything) they did provide an emergency kit to lessen the impact of my baggage remaining checked. They did reschedule my flights, including a welcome upgrade to Business Class. They did get me a discount on a room in a hotel.

All in all, I remain a fan of Delta. Tough business they’re in.

I’m about to pack up my little bag of stuff and go catch a shuttle to the airport. Not going to be late checking in if I can help it. If all goes according to the newest plan, I’ll join Vanessa (scheduled to arrive in less than 10 hours) in Ulan Ude in about 34 hours.

One thought on “Delta’s non-apology

  1. Alan says:

    Ya know, if you just put a semi-colon in between those sentences they won’t be fragments.


    Your trusty English consultant

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