“i know the plans I have for you…”

I posted my blog, went down to the lobby and asked the woman at the front dest to call the shuttle. While I waited, I signed in to my Delta account to print my boarding passes.

Imagine my disbelief when I noted that my Atlanta to JFK flight was showing a 2 hour delay which would arrive in New York 40 minutes after my Moscow flight was scheduled to depart. I considered my options (cry, hissie fit, break things…pray, ask for assistance). Only because the Holy Spirit lives in me did I skip past those first few and go straight to “Lord, I can’t wait to see how you’re going to do this” followed by a call to my Delta representative, Debra.

She listened to my story and started doing her customer service magic. The delay was mechanical, so Delta would be more creative than simply booking me on the next available flight. She heard me when I suggested that getting to a different airport in Moscow on Sunday would be better than getting to the direct route airport on Monday.

Debra stayed on the phone with me (or had me on hold while she talked with others who had to be engaged to make this work) for 40 minutes. During that time I caught my shuttle and transported to the airport.

Debra rebooked me onto a Delta flight leaving Atlanta tonight at 5:45 bound for Brussels. There I will board a Brussels airlines flight to Moscow which lands at the airport from which I will fly to Ulan Ude. I can still use my rebooked S7 flight. (Honestly, the thought of having to re-rebook that one was right on the verge of overwhelming.)

Vanessa will land in Ulan Ude in about 4 1/2 hours. I’ll be Brussels bound by that time (baring any weather delays), arriving in UU 24 hours behind her.

With more than 6 hours in the Atlanta airport to be followed by two long flights NOT in Business class (one in the middle seat, unless something changes), I splurged and bought a one day pass to the Delta Sky Club.

It’s quiet in here. The chairs are comfortable. The bathrooms smell good. There are endless “free” snacks that are actually good (dried fruit, smoked nuts, crackers & hummus & cheese, chocolate chip cookies) and beverages. In glass glasses. With ice.

And USA v Ghana is on the big screen. It’s been Wimbeldon since the last Cup game ended around noon.

The past 24 hours have not gone according to my plan. In fact, a number of smart people have helped me re-plan my plan and that one got tossed out the window by a mechanical mishap. I’m confident of this: God has had a plan all along and I’m in the middle of it.

Asking Him to make me sensitive to what it is He has for me that required all of this presto-chango-twisty. Might be just a clear reminder to me that I’m not in control. In case it isn’t (sure seems like a lot of work to reteach me this lesson), I want to be paying attention so I don’t miss The blessing of whatever He’s got in mind.

One thought on ““i know the plans I have for you…”

  1. antlike says:

    “Dear Lord, please keep Ruth’s eyes open and her mind sharp, even though she is weary. Make her ‘quick on her feet’ to recognize and respond to Your glory should you bring her a divine appointment along this broken road. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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