I’m melting…

You need to go back and read that title in the voice of which ever wicked witch of the one way or the other who delivered that line in The Wizard of Oz.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

So, when I’m travel weary, I begin to lose whatever tolerance I’ve built up over time and experience to cultural differences.

Okay, to a few in particular.

Two I’ve got an urge to name right now as I blog via iPhone and free WiFi from the airport on Moscow’s south side.

1. Lots of people don’t have the same concept of taking turns and lining up as I do. I practically had to foul a woman from three rows back as we deplaned so I could get off the plane. I was irritated for about 30 seconds until I remembered where I am. I took a deep breath and inserted myself. I continued with culturally appropriate aggression through the next few cues I found myself navigating.

2. I like space in my toilet stall. I also like AC there. I like AC in a lot of unnecessary places, like airport waiting areas. How many layers can one remove before causing an international incident? (From what I’ve seen, more than I’d consider.)

I’m off to find an ATM and buy some water. I hope I get to cue up. I need the practice.

2 thoughts on “I’m melting…

  1. antlike says:

    OHHHH, that kind of foul! You must mean a sports’-type foul. I initially assumed the other, less kind, as if you needed the restroom REALLY badly. Oh, poor mind…the places it goes! Yes, cues, lines, orderly movement: Those are things sadly lacking in most places not colonized by the British. I laugh every time I remember my dear mother visiting us during our three years of life in Greece. At a bank, having to muscle our way to the teller in a jostling group, (that’s how they do all “lines” there and in MANY other countries), my dear, sweet, quiet, usually overly polite mother blurted out in English,”Well, I guess there are NO gentlemen here!” It was probably a good thing that most Greeks did not speak English during the 70s. We were surrounded with no way out, should someone have taken offense. I taught her to keep her elbows out and keep moving forward. It’s not my favorite activity, either, but you DO need to learn how to “insert yourself,” as you say, into masses moving forward toward a goal. And, oh, in other close quarters, Mother gave monologues also about the benefits of using deoderant in hot climates. Bless her. We plunked her into cross-cultural situations without any training whatsoever.

    May God give you rest soon, dear friend, before you fall over on your feet. He knows that you, like a Marine cadet, can do WAY more than you think you can. In all this, too, God has divine appointments and gives all of us more opportunities to pray. We continue to pray here and watch for updates. Yes, He knows the plans He has for you!

  2. Lauren says:

    I was in Panera once…waiting patiently, for I was the next one to be helped. Some lady totally cut in front of me and got the guy behind the counter to help her first. He and I kind of exchanged glances and then I gave her the complete and utter evil eye. She looks innocently at me and then goes (in some foreign accent, I’m not sure from where) “oh are you in a queue? I don’t know how it works in this country.” At the time I was thinking: Don’t you know how lines WORK? Also I was thinking: Is it not obvious that I am WAITING???” But who knows, maybe it is that culturally different. Weird.

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