I have it on good authority that “there is Moscow, and then there is Russia.”  I can’t confirm that since I only saw a small percentage of Moscow and an infinitesimal percentage of Russia. I can, however, confirm that Moscow and Ulan Ude are, in many respects, like night and day.

I greatly enjoyed the time Vanessa and I spent in Moscow between flights, and am thankful for the help of Victoria who picked us up at the airport and helped us navigate this great city. I especially enjoyed the green spaces. Moscow is filled with parks!


Here is a link to the Moscow “video” on Facebook for those who have access to that medium.

3 thoughts on “Moscow

  1. Lois says:

    Ruth, that is exactly what Ukrainians say about Kyiv. “Kyiv is not Ukraine…” While I like a lot of things about Kyiv, I expect completely different things when I’m out of Kyiv. 🙂 And I like both.

    I’ve only spent about 3 times as much time as you in Russia (which still isn’t saying much) and Moscow, that’s about the same impression I have.

  2. Dorothea Lander says:

    This photo is absolutely frame-worthy, Ruth, with the rich and varied colors, shapes and textures! You look so tall and are withering away to nothing, Miss Weight-Watcher Extraordinaire! I am loving your blogs, truly.

  3. klopski says:

    That is a very true understanding of Moscow vs Russia. I am only surprised you found Moscow green. Depends, of course, on what you are used to, but in my understanding there are loads of greener cities.

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