Relationship and Partnership

Bible translation may be one of the most strategic and yet most misunderstood expressions of the Church in our generation. The more I see first and second hand the impact of the translated Word of God in the lives of individuals and communities, the more committed I become to serve the Bible translaion cause and invite others to join me in it.

Those with passing familiarity with Bible translation (and if you are one of them, you are in the clear majority) are likely to say that Bible translatin all about linguistics, exegesis and printing a book. Those things are certainly a part of this thing.

However, I’ve come to understand that the heart of Bible translation is relationship—the incarnation of God into a community and the subsequent extension of the Church.

I invite you to consider how we can partner in ministry together to see that all peoples can access the very Word of God in the language and form they understand best—in this generation!

I thank God for the extraordinary team of people through whom he cares for me in various ways. I’m asking Him to grow that team in ways that will surprise me and demonstrate His sovereighty, His generosity, and the breadth of the diversity of His Church.


In this photo by Brian Chapaitis, a man named Robin is holding up the Bibles that didn’t burn when the house they were in burned to the ground in August 2009 just outside of Ukarumpa, in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The man who lived there, Nathan, heard that enemies were burning his house down, and he prayed that the Lord would spare his Bibles. The Lord did so. Many people in this area took notice of what the Lord did, and gave Him glory for it.

One thought on “Relationship and Partnership

  1. antlike says:

    We serve an all-powerful Creator God! This incident should elevate the Scriptures in the eyes of all who saw and heard what He did. Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Ruth, for passing it on.

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