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While I do have some games which I play frequently and a few other aps which get launched with moderate regularity, the most frequently used (or, in a couple of cases, the ones that I want to be able to quick launch when I do use them infrequently) live on my home screen.

Nothing remarkable in this set, really. I think the first two rows and the bottom “docked” row are standard iPhone issue even. It’s the third and fourth row which may explain a few things to you if you’re wondering how I seem to be “on” Facebook all the time, for instance. Maybe you weren’t wondering. Maybe you’d not noticed.

Bible – This is an ap by YouVersion which gives me access to the Bible in many different languages, including a dozen or so English translations, as long as I have a connection (G3 or Wi-Fi). I have also downloaded a couple of English versions so I can have access when internet is not available. I use YouVersion on both my Dell laptop at work and my iMac at home. Love it.

Bible.is – This is a new ap by my friends at Faith Comes By Hearing which gives internet access to scripture recorded as audio drama (word for word, but with various voices and a minimal soundtrack) as well as, when available, the printed text so you can read along if that’s preferable. This ap is in soft-launch stages, so they ‘re working out bugs yet. It will be fantastic when it’s running strong.

AudioBoo – This ap lets me record audio on the go, add a single image and a map location if I want, as well as a title and description and then post to the AudioBoo website which then pushes the whole thing (because I’ve set it to do so) to this blog and to my Facebook wall. It requires a good connection, so I don’t use it when I travel internationally (even though that might be the most interesting time to use it) unless I’m in a place with Wi-Fi. I use this sporadically, but love it when it’s just the right way to share an experience.

Facebook – This is the iPhone platform for Facebook. Over the year or so that I’ve used this ap it has improved greatly to be more user-friendly. It doesn’t do everything you can do from your computer’s web browser, but it’s good for most normal uses.

Skype – Yes, this is Skype like you might have on your computer. No video capacity (at least on the iPhone I have — maybe on the new puppy), but both text and voice. This was a lifesaver when my flight was missed to Moscow a few weeks back and new arrangements had to be made — some through my friends in Siberia who then called a cell phone in Moscow. It was crazy.

TweetDeck – This ap is similar to the desktop version of TweetDeck and is a way to manage multiple Twitter accounts or just multiple Twitter views. I prefer it to going straight to Twitter most of the time. Again, sporadic. I am not quite a TwitterQuitter, but I’ve greatly reduced the time I invest in that medium.

Evernote – This is a newly found tool that is proving itself both fun and valuable. Again, I’ve got it loaded on home and work computers as well and that’s why it is powerful. I can load text, images and some other files (I’m using the free version, so that file types are rather limited for now) onto the online account and then view them from any of these platforms.

WordPress – This ap lets me view, respond to, and post blogs on the go. I have to type on the little touch screen on the phone, but in a pinch, it works great.

Are you wondering where my Wycliffe ap is?  What other aps are you surprised are not on my home page? Any you love and want to recommend?

4 thoughts on “iPhone Home

  1. PeteJ says:

    I’m a fan of reformed forum; it’s quite nice for talks and such. The online bible is wonderful. I end up taking that to church every week instead of the paper version :).

  2. Jon Wilke says:

    Thank you for your mention of the Bible.is for iPhone app on your blog. We are so excited to partner with Wycliffe and provide the BIble through mobile apps. We can’t wait to have the Bible.is for Android and Facebook apps in the future.

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      I fully expect I’ll blog about this one again, Jon. I just barely scratched the surface with this “introduction.”

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