Work in Progress

Before I start, let me say that I nabbed this photo from a website/blog which I link to on the right side of the page: Creative Spillage where artist Laura Amstutz gives people an inside look into her creative process and works in progress. You can also see finished works and even begin the process of purchasing some of her art. Hey, if you need to purchase some of her art but then don’t know what to do with it once you own it, I’ll be glad to send you my address. Just saying.

I have great appreciation for the finished product, but am also quite a fan of the work in progress.

I’ve known that about art for a long time. Known it because of how the smells of paint and ink and paper make me happy (and not primarily because of the chemical content). Known it because I’d rather participate in art making than simply sit back and view art. Known it because when I see something like this scene in the photo, I can hardly bear to not touch it all. And if paints and inks to this, can you imagine what I’m like in a pottery studio?!  Oh the joy of clay!  And on a wheel…oh my!  It’s delightful times 47.

I’m realizing that I also feel the same way about people. I have a great appreciation for the finished product, but I really am a fan of the work in progress. People who are on the way toward holiness make me swell with a kind of pride that quickly turns to inspiration for my own journey in that same direction.

I guess that explains why I would rather be invited over to make dinner with than have dinner with as well as why I find it more interesting to plant and water and tend to growing plants than to visit a florist shop.

This can be wonderful. It can also be complicated. Like…

It’s hard to find the lineation between my love to participate in the process and my need to be in control. There are times when I need to remove myself from the process (which I do love) in order to relinquish control (which I do know I am ultimately NOT in). If I don’t, the process looses it’s wonder as my  need to control focuses too much on some internally prescribed ideal or goal.

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