Grinning…and locking my office door

In this July 22, 2010 photo, Gustavus Adolphus professor Scott Bur works in his aluminized office in St. Peter, Minn. Students slipped into the chemistry professor’s office while he was on vacation and as a prank, covered everything right down to pens and even his coffee pot cord with aluminum foil. “It’s sort of become a tradition in my research group,” said Bur, who’d only managed to unwrap his coffee pot and a few other essentials by Thursday morning. “When I go on vacation and come back, I always find something, ” he told the Mankato Free Press (AP Photo/Mankato Free Press, John Cross) MANDATORY CREDIT

Crazy college kids!

2 thoughts on “Grinning…and locking my office door

  1. michelle says:

    First, it’s waaaay too easy to pick a lock…and for a prank THIS good, I’d definitely risk the lock-picking!!

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