Zhengzhou 1987

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Since I shared the tin cup and a bit of the story that explains why I like it, I thought I’d share a few photos from my summer. I scanned these years ago for a small report I did for a teacher-friend.

There I am with my tin cup talking with my assistant teacher. She was on the faculty of the school and had some responsibilities to be sure I had what I needed and such. She wasn’t in my classroom all that much — but always accessible if I needed her.

There is a shot of some of my students in the classroom. It was a stretch for them to sit in a semi-circle. They were used to straight¬†rows in their own classrooms (both as teachers and students). I’m sure we stretched them in a number of ways that summer. (I was on a team of 10 teachers in that city at that school).

The shot of a young man at his desk is (English name) David. He was very ambitious and liked being stretched. I found the majority of my students wanted to learn and grow and were willing to try new things. And honestly, we stretched each other. I’m sure I learned more from them that summer than they did from me.

Good memories of a good summer. It wasn’t an easy summer, exactly. But really good.

One thought on “Zhengzhou 1987

  1. antlike says:

    Loved the photos and explanation, but what I want to know is why your folks let you go to China when you were 14 years old. Who is that blonde kid in the pictures, certainly not a college grad! Oops, there, now I let it slip. I am so old that college grads look like high schoolers to me anymore…well, at least some do, like you. Forever young! It’s not just inside you, Ruth. Love the red wax and that you ventured outside the US to teach. When I grow up, I wanna go teach in China, too.

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