I HAD NO IDEA! [2,000+ languages need translation]

I have five Bibles sitting on my desk. There are more on the shelves 5 feet away. There are three versions downloaded onto my phone (3 text, 1 audio) and I have apps that let me view and/or listen to many more via WiFi or G3. All in English. It’s like I live at a 24-hour all-you-can-eat buffet of Scripture.

Some of my Bibles are leather-bound and others have a paper cover. One is a “study” Bible so it has lots of notes in it. Large print, small print. The NIV single-column Bible I got in high school and used through college and into my first years teaching is now held together by duck tape and it still sits on my shelf even though I don’t use it any more.

All the while, people from less populated language communities around the world are left to scavenge what they can find to fill their spiritual bellies with something. Without access to a single verse of the Word of God in the language they understand best, they are usually left with nothing to eat. More than 2,000 language communities needing Bible translation — currently without Scripture in their heart language and without reasonable access to Scripture in a language of wider communication. There was a time in my life when I had no idea that the opportunity was so great.

I know now.

I believe what I read in these Bibles of mine, so I know that God’s Kingdom includes people from every people, every language and that He will continue to pursue those who are yet lost until they find Him. I’ve accepted His invitation to join the expedition. Will you?

One thought on “I HAD NO IDEA! [2,000+ languages need translation]

  1. Ed says:

    I hope that many more people will learn that there are so many peoples cut off from the good news and many other things. Thanks for spreading the news.

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