Chelsea Clinton (oh, and Marc Mezvinsky)

Not that ANYone has asked my opinion of this wedding and not that I think my opinion will influence anything. But, as usual, I do have an opinion. Since this is my blog and the other topic that came to mind to write about this morning is harder to illustrate, I’m going with the wedding.

My thoughts, in no significant order:

I’m glad that Chelsea’s wedding was more of a private event than a public fiasco. I’m pleased that the photos you’ll find from the “inside” of the event on the NYTimes website and USA Today and other outlets have all been provided by the same photographer. I think finding the balance of living private lives and public lives must be exhausting.

I know a good deal of “ink” has been invested discussing the fact that Marc is a Conservative Jew and Chelsea is Methodist. It depends on what that means for them individually whether that will be a significant issue for them as a couple. They’ve been in a relationship long enough that I suspect they’re not going into this part of their marriage with blinders on. Cross-cultural relationships of any kind have challenges.

I know that the Clinton’s spent a boat load of money on this gig. Some are criticizing that. I’d be critical if I thought that they mortgaged their only house to do this — but I’m confident that they did not. If someone does the math — and i bet someone has — I suspect we’d discover that the Clintons spent less than a lot of people if you measure by percentage of income. Or no more than average.

I do find it oddly satisfying to see that their guests sat on the same not-too-comfortable folding chairs that I’ve sat on for outdoor affairs.

Chelsea’s dress is beautiful.

Chelsea looks beautiful. I’ve been thinking that since I saw her on TV when she appeared with her mom at the DNC (I think that was when).

I’m also wondering what Bill is doing with diet and exercise — have I just not seen him recently and missed something?

And finally…while Bill and Hillary Clinton live lives that are so distant from my own experience that I hesitate to presume anything, I do imagine that they’ve felt all the emotions other parents of the bride experience on wedding weekends. Currently Hillary is serving in a powerful and stressful position for our country and I’m sure that takes its toll on her. I hope she was able to really enjoy these days.

2 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton (oh, and Marc Mezvinsky)

  1. Sheri (Jensen) Seminara says:

    You know, I’ve seen these pics & heard that this event was going to happen & have just simply said “I just don’t care”. But as a Christian that was not the right attitude. So Thank you for helping me see the proper attitude & put a realistic “spin” if you will, on it. The Clinton’s are human & even if we don’t like the things that they have done, God still loves them. Thank you.

  2. Alison Ollis says:

    Just to maybe answer your question about Bill’s diet and excersize…I don’t know how he did it, but I did hear a few months ago that Chelsea requested that he lose 25 (?) lbs. before they took their stroll down the isle. Maybe such things being public knowledge is good motivation, because he does look “svelte”.

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