Stirring things up…

I have half a dozen blog posts simmering in my brain. I expect one or two of them to finally get scooped into the WordPress bowl and served up for others to read. Most of them will, however, ultimately be set aside.


In some cases it will be simply because I lose interest in the subject before I get to the end of it.

In other cases it will be because I’m not up for the potential drama. I’m not averse to drama. Sometimes I do like to stir the pot and see what’s been sticking on the bottom. Some days, however, the easier thing of simply turning down the heat and setting the pan to the side is so appealing to my peace-making nature (or is it my people-pleasing nature?).

When my mom was a little girl, she was tasked with doing the breakfast dishes. She used to “hide” the oatmeal pot in the oven rather than wash it. Maybe I could do that with a few of these things simmering on various burners on my mental stove.

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