Assad Discovery

Has this happened to you or is it just me?  I thought I’d “discovered” a new artist/musician. Mind you, I discovered her on iTunes where they were promoting a FREE Indie Download that turned out to not be free (sometimes the expiration of “free” forgets to trigger the disappearance of the offer graphics) so someone on iTunes obviously discovered her before I did. But still, it was before 6 am on a Tuesday and I was feeling confident that I was about to bring breaking news to my blog.

Time for a bit of research — mostly motivated by a search for a graphic to share so you have something to look at on here. Found a website with links to all the standard social media, including Facebook. All of this is being done while I’m listening to the album purchased and downloaded from iTunes onto my iPhone before I even got out of bed — now transferred onto my iMac.

By now I’m thinking that it would be cool to see if she might be coming to Orlando any time soon –  thinking that seeing her in concert would be sweet. Then I read the wall post on her Facebook fan page about the concert in Orlando. 4 days ago. At Northland.


And as I keep listening (really enjoying this music) I realize that the song we sang at Northland on Sunday morning that I really liked and which intended to come home and Google so I could maybe download it from somewhere is one of hers.

Further poking about on Google reveals that she’s been interviewed and those interviews shared via a few reputable media outlets. She’s toured with names you’re likely to know if you are even casually familiar with worship music, for instance. So, I’m FAR from the one who discovered Audrey Assad. I will not be able to take credit for launching her career and that’s really fine. It’s likely better for me and absolutely better for her.

If you use iTunes, it’s a great download–currently $7.99 for the album (11 songs).

6 thoughts on “Assad Discovery

  1. Greg says:

    Ok so I was trying to comment on my laptop but working at a school there are precautions on our Internet browsing that hinder the expansion of my mind by reading ur blog. There are certain letters in Audreys last name that eliscit a lockdown by our Internet security. None the less being as technically savvy as I am I decided to use my phone to post this long comment simply to say I downloaded Audrey Assad as well. I love her sound & lyrics. Sorry u missed her at Northland, maybe she will return soon. I also recommend Ayiesha Woods, Chasen, Josh Wilson, Anthony Evans, Natalie Grant & Metedith Andrews. For sound, message, lyrics, and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Giggling about the things that internet security blocks sometimes. I know of and like a few of these others you named. Others will be on a list to explore when I have time for more of that. Or when I don’t have time but need a break from whatever is taking up my time.

  2. Trevor Schuh says:

    Did you also think that you had never heard “The Earth is Yours” that you posted last week? Because we definitely did it in EnterMission before (granted, we probably didn’t sound or look quite this cool)…it’s by Gungor. You know, just in case you haven’t discovered them yet!

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Oh Trevor, you will regret making fun of my total out-of-touch with what is new and cool in music!! Actually, I just really liked the way we did it at Northland. Couldn’t have told you that Gunga Din recorded it. Wait. Gungor. Who? Wow, I embarrass myself.

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