I move furniture

I do. I like to move furniture around in a room and try things in new places. I used to do this in my dorm room in college (poor, patient roommates) and in my classroom when I taught. I come by this naturally — whether by DNA or environment.

The furniture in my office is immovable. Well, without involving a whole lot of busy people.

Tonight I moved around the furniture on my blog. I’m not finished pushing things from one place to the other. I’m not certain this is how things like fonts and colors and such will stay for long. Consider it  a work in progress.

One thought on “I move furniture

  1. antlike says:

    Super! I love it! Now, can you come over to my blog and help me move stuff around? I’ve got that urge, too…really want to move stuff around, but it’s too heavy for me. Technology would let us “work together” with the strong back assistance of Skype and no air fare! 🙂

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