iSight-PART TWO: an ophthalmology rock star

The journey into Hunter Vision started with my first pair of glasses in Kindergarten — but that’s another story.

I arrived for my appointment on Thursday afternoon mostly curious and a little bit hopeful. Hunter Vision is embedded in a multi-use facility that includes hospital outpatient services, Nature’s Table, and a fitness/sports facility. Cool place.

You may not care about the decor of his office. I do. It was really well designed and decorated. I’ll resist sharing details.

Every member of the Hunter Vision staff who I encountered was comfortably friendly and kindly helpful. It didn’t feel fake and that’s nice.

A technician (I’m not really sure what her official title or designation is) spent more than an hour with me taking me through the diagnostic tests — some of which Ive experienced numerous times in my life-with-wrongly-focused-eyes and some which I’ve never encountered.

It wasn’t ever unpleasant. Comfortable conversation kept things light and kept me informed about what was happening and what was expected from me.

I admit that I find things like the drops that dilate your eyes and lights that shine to the back of your head through your eyes less challenging than some people because I’ve been putting glass lenses onto my eye every day for more than 35 years. So if you’re eye-sensitive, it would be different for you.

This is a time to say that it’s really cool the way that technology has impacted this experience — wireless Apple computers fulfilled various functions all around.

After all the tests, I met with Dr. Hunter who examined my eyes himself and then talked me thoroughly through the tests they’d done and what they’d learned about my eyes. He showed me some cool digital images of my eye on the iMac’s gorgeous large screen. I resisted the urge to ask him to email me the images so I could use them as Facebook profile pics.

This man is extraordinary. I say that because he didn’t talk down nor did he use big words in a way that felt like he was trying to prove his intelligence or value. You know how some people do that? He did talk in terms I could understand about some really complicated stuff. Read the biography blurb on the Hunter Vision website (I’m serious) and you’ll have some sense of how intelligent this man is.

I know this is my opinion based on a single-encounter impression but I’d say that, in addition to the brains, he is a genuinely caring doctor. I can’t help but note that he reminded me of his dad who is also a brilliant man of high character who really loves people. I thought the same thing when I met Pastor Isaac Hunter at Wycliffe’s Delegate Conference in June when he came to speak.

For those of you in the Orlando area who might consider a full, full eye analysis, I will highly recommend the Hunter Vision Analysis. I now know things about my eye health that I’m very glad to know. As a person who likes to understand how things work, I walked away fully satisfied with the process, the report, the doctor and his staff. I also walked away with a clear sense of my options.

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