I went to the desert…

I find myself falling in love ~ or at least coming under the intoxicating influence of a mad crush.

The object of my affection is the desert. While I seem to always experience a kind of warm fuzzy when I have opportunity to reconnect with these arid climes, this time it’s something rather different, I think.

It’s only somewhat about rocks, though the abundance of stone is certainly a part of the attraction.

This morning I went on a pre-dawn walk where I encountered almost as many rabbits as I did stones. I’m not a quiet walker (especially on gravel), so I didn’t get close.

Isn’t it rather amazing that our Creator God made these soft, small, gentle, lovely creatures and then placed them in the prickly, broad, harsh, lovely desert to thrive?! Their desert home is also home for hungry coyote and bobcat and rattle snake. Temperature extremes accentuated by occasional flash flooding add their own challenges.

Rabbits face threats to their very existence at every turn. How do they combat possible extinction? Do they sit about a develop strategies for influencing climate change so they can be more comfortable? Do they invest time and financial resource in developoing less prickly cactus? Do they plot to destroy or at least cripple their predators?

No. They reproduce. From what I have seen, their survival strategy is working quite well indeed.

Today I’m asking myself what I can learn from rabbits who live in deserts.

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