I graduated from high school in 1980.

Math is pretty easy on this one: this means my 30th high school reunion was this summer. I didn’t go because of timing conflicts.

Macaulay Culkin turned 30 today (August 24).

I looked on the Wikipedia site for 1980 and saw that there was a whole lot of mess going on then like there is now, I was just less aware of it at the time. When you’re 18 and graduating from high school and heading off to college 600 miles from home, things like bombings and political assassinations don’t seem that important.

John Lennon died in 1980.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980, grossing $290 million.

The Phillies beat the Royals (4 games to 2) to win the World Series, with Mike Schmidt being named the MVP.

Jimmy Carter was President of the United States, but Ronald Reagan was elected in November of that year.

30 years ago. Seems like…yesterday and a million years ago.

2 thoughts on “30

  1. thosewinklers says:

    1980 was a good year…the year of my birth.

    Wait, that means that I turn 30 this year…in fact, I did already! Wow, thanks for the reminder. 😉

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