Books. Half Price.

When I was in Dallas a few weeks ago for meetings, I found time to get to a Half Price Books store one evening. I grew to love this used bookstore chain when I lived in Indy and truly miss it as there are none in Orlando. (Dear Half Price: Please come to central Florida. Yours, Ruth)

As I am one who often “discovers” authors long after they’ve been popular for a while, a used bookstore is the perfect place (along with the library) for finding previously published treasures. I admit that I like to own books rather than borrow them because I do a good bit of my reading while traveling and like the option of trading out.

Maybe that’s an excuse. Maybe I like to own them because I like they way they look on shelves. And I like stuff.

You can get more than books at Half Price Books. You can also find music (in various forms) movies and video games. They also often have a small selection of book-releated junk like those battery operated lights you can clip to a book for reading in the dark and tote bags for carrying all your books. These are among the few products they carry “new” instead of “used.”

I love books.

That said, I feel the need (full disclosure and all that) to tell you that I’m not as much of a reader as my bookshelves might imply. I’m a reader like some people play sports — love to do it mostly, but don’t do it often so I’m not as nimble as I would be if I did it more. Sometimes feel guilty about not doing it more. Sometimes feel guilty about having so much underused equipment for doing a thing I don’t do that often. “Sometimes” is not that often — but predictably flares up when I’m around people who are just this side of pathological about it.

2 thoughts on “Books. Half Price.

  1. Dorothea Lander says:

    Hee, hee…you make me smile, Ruth. Maybe you’ve been spending time with Nancy Schneider? She puts us all to shame on the reading front. That said, I’ve discovered several great books over the past year and also that YOU CAN GIVE THEM AWAY! They don’t have to sit and look pretty on your shelf. Our tiny house doesn’t leave room for keeping them anymore, so that’s 2010’s lesson for me. 🙂

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