John 1: Wordle Style

Wordle: John 1 (New Living Translation)

There is a website that lets you input a bunch of text and then it creates what it calls a wordle. You can choose color schemes and word direction sets and even fonts. When you’re finished, you name it and save it on their site. Then you can link to it like I did here in the blog. So, click on the image and you’ll be transported to the site to see the larger version. While you’re in the neighborhood, try one of your own.

I did this one by grabbing the text from John 1 in the NLT version. The more times a word appears, the bigger it is in the wordle. It’s an interesting way to see what words are in a text and what it important in a text.

Of course you can also make your own text which repeats some words a bunch of times…like list all the words that describe a friend and input their name 20 times and your favorite 5 words 10 times each and the rest just once. Yeah, I think you could manipulate this like that. I’ve not tried it…yet.

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