Snowflake Tatoo

Searching for something else, I ran across this selection of snowflake designs for tattoos.

At the moment, my favorite is row 3, column 4. And therein is one of the reasons I don’t have a tatoo: “at the moment” is not something I want to put in ink on my skin.

Makes me consider henna, which is more like penciling something in. It’s there, but not forever. (And yes, I know you can get tattoos removed, but I’m not interested in that process. Ouch!)

While we’re talking about tattoos, why is the singular spelled T-A-T-O-O but the plural is spelled T-A-T-T-O-O-S? Curious, that’s all. Not judging.

3 thoughts on “Snowflake Tatoo

  1. LeAnne Hardy says:

    I’ve always thought if I DID have a tattoo (which I don’t for the same reasons as you), it would be a snowflake on my right shoulder blade. But these look too rounded. Not crystalized enough.

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