Knit one, purl two

I remember watching my mom knit. I even helped her on occasion by standing relatively still–usually shifting from one foot to the other– with arms stretched in front while she wound yarn around them. I even remember feeling pretty proud of myself when I was deemed qualified to roll yarn into balls without help. I tried to learn to knit once. It was not my finest hour.

Women in Peru’s highlands are working together to knit a really big scarf. Big as in “a kilometer long” if they can.

According to an article by Dan Collyns with BBC News, they are doing it as a memorial and a protest. Each woman is knitting a single section as a way to honor the husband/brother/son they lost in Peru’s long internal conflict between the Shining Path (rebels against the government inspired by Mao Zedong) and the government of Peru.

Wycliffe Bible Translators began working in Peru in the 1950’s in many of the same geographic areas as the Shining Path terrorized in the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve met quite a few who have their own Shining Path stories to tell. Beyond that, there are stories of individuals who were a part of this angry, violent group who encountered their Creator God through the power of His Word translated and who were transformed.

In 2006, Wycliffe Canada’s magazine Word Alive focused on Peru, telling some of these stories. It is available as a pdf if you’re interested.

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