Slug Bug Red

On my recent trip to Arizona, I had a rental car. As usual, my reservation was for something pretty basic and relatively small. As sometimes happens, all cars in my rental category were “out” so I had to be offered an upgrade — for FREE.

Actually, I was offered an upgrade as part of the normal course of filling out paperwork and, once refused, then I was offered a free one in the garage when all that was available made it necessary.

I was upgraded to a VW Bug. A red one. (You can see it parked snuggly under a tree at Terry and Judy’s house in Tucson. Cute, huh?!)

Here’s the great thing. The “new” Bug is one of those cars that I’ve thought would be fun to own sometime. Now, after driving one for a few hours and experiencing putting a small roll-on bag in the trunk, I’ve worked that right out of my system. It’s an adorable “zip around town” kind of car, but isn’t practical as an only car. At least not in my world with how I like to use my vehicle.

So, a free upgrade not only was a little bonus to my trip, but let me scratch one thing off of my “list” of things. You know…the list. Do you have one?

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