Either/Or v. Both/And

Shaun Groves posted a blog a few days back (brought to my attention when Joy commented on it and posted a link on Facebook) which I’ve been wanting to write for a while. Well, it isn’t exactly, word-for-word what I was considering, but it’s close.

If you read it, remember that he’s not talking about political parties. He’s talking about the way we understand and live out the Gospel in comparison to what the Bible teaches about the same thing and what Jesus demonstrated.

Having been born and raised in a western, modern culture, I sometimes have a hard time getting my head around the reality that the spiritual realm is no more real or unreal than the physical realm. I do understand that the spiritual realm is eternal and the physical realm is temporary. I also know that both are created by God and both are arenas in which God’s glory is expressed.

I also know that Jesus didn’t seem to categorize and box in the different arenas of life as enthusiastically as we do in North American culture.

If your brain is feeling a little undernourished, or would just like something new to chew on, consider Shaun’s blog food for thought.

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