Writing a Job Description

I’ve spent a significant portion of my morning writing a job description. Wow, I had forgotten how much I don’t enjoy this part of the process of officially expanding the team.

The pressure of finding the right words to say what I mean so that the right people apply and of not saying anything stupid is enough to make my head hurt.

Add the complexity of a Personnel Requisition Form that doesn’t have spell check and I’m about over the edge. I know, I know: “write it in Word and paste it into the form.”

Still, I’m committed to the process of defining a role and finding the right person to fill that role.

I’m going to go look at my own job description and see if writing job descriptions is part of my job. Of course, I think I helped write that one, too. What was I thinking?!


If you need a good laugh or are looking for a rabbit trail to keep you occupied while someone else does your chores, check out Savage Chickens.

4 thoughts on “Writing a Job Description

  1. ed Lauber says:

    Courage. It might be hard and unrewarding, but the person coming into the role will be happier and more productive if you do it right. A JD is one item where the destination is more enjoyable than the process. I remember a member saying to me in Burkina Faso relative to the role the person had “I was mislead”.

  2. Ruth Hubbard says:

    Ed, this is exactly why I am willing to do the work of it and not just grab something close from somewhere on the web (though I do use those things as sources). I want the job to be what the JD says it is.

  3. Dorothea Lander says:

    I’m with you on writing job descriptions, Ruth! Ugh…and I love the savage chicken cartoon. Waitresses have it so easy (in one respect anyway). They can just say, “Sorry, this is not my table.”

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