Aminata Timbo

Aminata Timbo, originally uploaded by Jutta B.

Weddings are one of the events of life which are replete with customs, traditions, and values. I’ve attended hundreds of weddings in the States and while they often have some elements in common, they’ve extended across a spectrum. I’ve attended at least two weddings in Ukraine — one at a church and one at a park. I don’t think I’ve attended weddings in any other countries, but I’ve seen photos (like this one posted by Jutta B on flickr last month) and heard accounts.

When I see photos like this one from (I think) Mali, I have more questions than anything. I want to know what things mean and how customs got started. I’m not sure what has meaning and what doesn’t.

What wedding traditions or customs do you find the most meaningful? Or the most ridiculous?

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